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Parking Lot Signs

Your parking lot says a lot about your place of business. Sure, it seems like an odd comparison, but the condition of your parking lot indicates your level of commitment to the individuals who use it on a daily basis.

If your signage is fading, cracked or missing altogether, your customers might be concerned what the inside of your business looks like. And some might even go as far as to downgrade the quality of your products or services.

Poorly maintained signs can cause confusion. A motorist without a handicap tag might accidentally park in a handicapped spot. This can lead to towed cars, big fines and seriously upset patrons.

Key benefits of parking lot signs available through Speed Bumps and Humps

  • Constructed from 18-gauge steel with a durable baked enamel finish, or from HDPE (high density polyethylene).
  • Weather-resistant – built to endure UV-rays, high winds, snow, sleet and hail.
  • HDPE signs come backed by a 50-year guarantee.
  • Sign posts and mounting hardware kits are available separately to ensure safe and secure mounting.
  • At Speed Bumps and Humps, we offer a low price guarantee that beats any competitor's price on an identical item. Add in our generous warranty terms, and you have a recipe for a great customer experience. Contact us today at 1-866-734-0605 to begin shopping for your new parking lot signs!