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Speed Humps

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Speed humps accomplish a similar objective when compared to speed bumps, but they are generally better suited to roadways versus parking lots. Speed humps are gently raised and are generally wider (2-feet to 3-feet wide) than speed bumps to calmly slow down vehicles.

For these reasons, speed humps permit higher speeds than speed bumps, thus slowing traffic to 10-20 mph in most locations.

Benefits of speed humps from Speed Bumps and Humps

  • Long lasting speed humps are guaranteed against breakage for 15 years!
  • Modular tongue-in-groove sections will fit nearly any roadway dimension, and allow for flexibility in installation.
  • These units do not glue down - making them simple and easy to relocate or store during snowy seasons.
  • Our speed humps offer a generous 15-year warranty against breakage and a 40,000-pound weight capacity. With our low price guarantee on superior quality products, you'll see just how effective these speed humps can be in your location. Find a deal today - at Speed Bumps and Humps!