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Speed Cushions

Traditional traffic calming devices can negatively impact emergency vehicle response time.


Install speed cushions in place of speed humps or speed bumps Speed cushions force normal cars to slow down as they ride with one or both wheels over them. Meanwhile, speed cushions allow fire engines (and other large vehicles) with wider axles to straddle the cushions without slowing down.

What are Speed Cushions? 

Speed cushions are raised, rounded and tapered traffic calming devices placed across roadways to reduce speeds. Speed cushion installations typically include two or more speed cushions positioned across the width of the road with spaces between them. Speed cushions are most effective when placed in succession along the roadway, 300–500 ft. apart.

  • Can be easily installed on city streets, residential thoroughfares and pedestrian zones, as well as near schools, colleges, corporate campuses and hospitals.
  • Speed Cushions include FREE installation kit suitable for asphalt and concrete installations. Kit includes bolts, anchors, plugs and connecting brackets.
  • Designed to be removed for street maintenance and reinstalled as necessary.