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Wheel Stops

Prevent vehicles from scraping buildings or parking on sidewalks with our selection of durable and affordable wheel stops. These wheel stops act as parking blocks for your customers or protective barriers for your street curbs. They provide a defined stopping point for motorists, and can help keep storefronts and sidewalk areas – safe and secure.

Our wheel stops are available in economy and premium configurations. A range of sizes will keep your visitors safely parked in just the right spot.

Key benefits of wheel stops from Speed Bumps and Humps

  • Prices start under $25 for high quality wheel stops that offer maintenance-free durability, and a 15-year warranty against breakage!
  • Available in several lengths and colors.
  • Elongated models are designed for trucks, shortstops for scooters or motorcycles and low profiles for low-rider cars.
  • Many wheel stops from Speed Bumps and Humps are guaranteed against breakage for 15-years! With our low price guarantee and broad selection of wheel stops, you can shop with confidence - at Speed Bumps and Humps.