Flash Alert Solar 24" x 48" School Speed Limit Sign

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Increase Visibility of Speed Restrictions Around Schools

  • 24" x 48" aluminum speed limit sign has 6 built-in LEDs
  • Includes a seven-day timer that easily schedules and activates the LEDs to flash only during programmed times
  • Perfect for school zones, crosswalks, new school locations, high-incident intersections, rural roads and more
  • Visible in all weather conditions with ultra-bright LEDs (up to 2 miles at night) 
  • Features 24-hour operation, smart controller with auto-dimming to preserve battery life, and an ultra-slim lightweight design
  • Totally enclosed back helps protect the wiring and keep the LEDs weatherproof
  • Federally accepted MUTCD compliant design with High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting
  • Eco-friendly solar-powered system can be placed virtually anywhere off the grid
  • Hassle-free installation on u-channel, square, round and wood posts
  • Kit includes a reflective aluminum sign with built in LEDs, solar panel and mounting hardware for sign and solar panel
  • Sign post sold separately. 10' post is recommended to fit both the sign and solar panel.


Model Name24" x 48" LED School Speed Limit Sign
Solar Panel Wattage30W
Overall Dimensions24"W x 48"H
Number Of Leds6
LED ColorWhite and Amber

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